Monday, March 8, 2010

Common Ties

I found this site while looking for freelance work. It's called COMMON TIES.
There are 20 questions that people submit a short answer to along with a photo or illustration. Check it out.

1. What door do you wish you never opened?
2. What is your most obsessive thought?
3. What is the smartest/dumbest thing you have done?
4. What is the one thing your parents don't understand about you?
5. What is the best/worst advice you’ve ever received?
6. What is your deepest secret?
7. What is the most shocking thing someone has confessed to you?
8. What were the strangest circumstances under which you have been intimate?
9. What happened on your most unusual date?
10. What email/letter do you wish you had sent/not sent?
11. What is the most interesting thing you have ever found or stumbled upon?
12. What is the strangest, funniest, or most embarrassing thing you have done/seen?
13. What is the most gracious act of kindness you have witnessed?
14. What is the nicest/nastiest thing you have ever said or done?
15. What was your funniest social or professional faux pas?
16. What was your most memorable encounter with a celebrity?
17. If you could meet someone from your past again, who would it be and why?
18. What was the most uncanny coincidence in your life?
19. What was your most life-altering moment?
20. Open Question: Submit your own question and answer.


  1. In 2007 I submitted a story to Common Ties and was published there. I just noticed the link does not work. Are you experiencing the same thing? For anyone interested I wrote "The Gold Medal." I wrote this before they asked the questions. Love the questions too. They are a great writing prompt. Good luck with your writing career. Nice-looking blog. My blog is at I'll be coming back to read some of your blog. Sounds interesting Barbara Toboni

  2. Thanks Barb for the note. Sorry, I didn't see your comment sooner - haven't blogged in a while - but I am getting back to it!


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