Sunday, May 22, 2011

Time Flies

Wow, can hardly believe that May is almost over!  I have been juggling working full time, taking care of the family and squeezing in my writing.  Oh, and did I mention I am pet sitting too? 

I attended a wonderful conference sponsored by SCBWI in April - and took home lots of information.  Spent a lot of time revising, editing and researching.  I shoved my YA manuscript into a drawer and began to work on my picture book.  Will my manuscript ever be done?  Probably not ever be perfect, can always change one word, take one out and add another.  When will my manuscript actually be ready. Yesterday I took my picture book manuscript to a writer's revision intensive (also sponsored by SCBWI), and came away with a clearer vision of picture book writing:
1) Keep it Simple
2) Remember my Audience
3) WOW 'em with WORDS

I have a little bit of tweaking to do, I promise only a little, I will whitle my picture book down from 750 words to 500. Then off it goes to an editor who will love it!

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  1. Hi Sally: Congrats on your new job! I've been dabbling in pix books also and read Writing Picture Books and found it to be an excellent guide. Hope your book is a success. Keep writing. Now we are blog buddies.


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