Saturday, July 23, 2011

Russell the Sheep

Russell the SheepI have a new FAVORITE children's picture book, "Russel the Sheep" by Rob Scotton.  One look at the cover and I was hooked.  Russell, is a sheep who can't fall asleep.  He thinks he's too hot, then he thinks he's too cold.  He tries to curl up with a comfy "pillow",  he counts the stars.  On and on Russell goes.  I don't want to give away the ending!

Rob Scotton also illustrated this lovely book with humorous pictures.  One of my favorite illustrations is the sheep getting ready for bed.  One sheep has a teddy bear, one has a cup of warm milk (or maybe cocoa), one is brushing his teeth and the last one is asleep with his teeth in a glass.  The sheep with the teeth in the glass keeps showing up - it's quite funny.  Rob is also the writer/illustrator of the Splat the Cat series.

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