Monday, February 8, 2010

Edit and Re-edit.

The deadline for my first short story submission has passed, and now I am anxiously awaiting the out come of the results. For my writer's ego I hope that I at least score an honorable mention. It's my first attempt, but, I put so much effort and heart into that one short story -- I almost feel as if I sent off one of my children in a manila envelope. I promised myself I would not check my e-mail everyday and hope to see the e-mail address from the contest site. I would just pretend I have not entered a contest and am waiting for a slap on the back - letting me know I have done a good job. This said and done, I am working on my second story!

I have found a new method for editing. I would read my story over and over, make so many corrections to the first few paragraphs, and then maybe by the end of the story not be so focused, that I didn't catch phrases and grammar that I should change. So, I start at the end of my story and work my way back. This method seems to get my creative juices flowing -- I noticed this way I look at each sentence on it's own merit, each thought seems to be separate and complete -- voila -- I have a short story.

Editing my novel seems like such a big project, I am almost putting it off. I have some time coming up free of distraction (no computer games, no books, no family) I plan to work as hard as I can on the novel and complete it.

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