Thursday, April 1, 2010

So You Want To Be a Writer

I am into my second week of unemployment, that is bringing in a paycheck from my daytime job, accounting. So what does one do when they want to become a writer? Well, I have spent very little time over the last two weeks actually writing! I have been researching, networking, researching, editing, blogging, and more researching. I have joined several writers groups in an effort to have my work critqued and to have a shoulder to cry on. I have perfected my query letter - no one can say no to me now! If I only had the funds right now I would attend more classes, fine tune my craft and buy a really nice printer. I found that my printer does not make acceptable prints for sending off manuscripts or professional letters. I have discovered another errand to add to my list of "not writing things", it's driving to Kinkos or Office Max with my flashdrive to get stuff printed. It's time for me to get focused, short stories and editing my novel, look out!

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