Monday, April 5, 2010

Trying to Write Amongst the Craziness

So, I decided to become a writer. It sounded like a great idea at the time. Lazy days of sitting at my computer, sipping my favorite coffee, the words pouring out on to my computer screen. I would have soft music playing in the background, maybe one of my cats lounging at my side, the dog at my feet periodically looking up at me with his big brown eyes, "you're wonderful" he is saying to me.
The reality - people coming and going, doorbell ringing, laundry, dishes, what's for dinner, errands, bills, loud music that vibrates the windows, phone calls, e-mails, internet distractions. Knocks on the door, "can I come in now, I have to use the bathroom", neverminding there are 2 other perfectly good bathrooms. The dog needs a walk. The dog is whining to come in, the cat is meowing to be let out, the other cat is sitting on my keyboard. Someone wants to chat on-line. Phone call, doorbell, do you have $5.00. It's a beautiful day so I think I will leave the window open, let in the fresh breeze and hear the birds. Instead, my neighbors smoke right outside my window (close that window), the other neighbor has to have a very loud conversation on his cell phone outside my other window (close that window). Oh, you're not writing - so I can come in right??

It's hard enough for a writer to stay motivated and focused, so I have trained my family, when the door is shut please don't bother me. I leave my cell phone in the other room, I post my facebook status as "LOCKED IN ROOM WRITING". I have given up on the fresh air, instead I light some candles, pets are allowed - only if they don't chew, scratch or whine.

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