Sunday, April 18, 2010

Working from Home

Due to the internet and the advances in technology many people are finding that they are able to run their office out of their home. The convenience of working from home can sometimes be hindered by – working at home. If you have roommates or a family it's important to set up some ground rules. I have a few of my own that I have had to issue:
1) When my bedroom door is closed, that means I am working, please knock quietly if you need me.

2) When I am working, that's exactly what I am doing – working. Please be considerate. Probably isn't the best time to try out your new rap CD at full blast.

You may have a different set of issues and need your own set of guidelines, but living in a house with three males, three cats and a dog – these are important to my creative ability.
If you don't have space in your home to dedicate to as an office you may find yourself displaced, meaning you're working at the mercy of everyone else. For instance setting your laptop up on any spare surface you can find. Your research materials, books and other items you need may be scattered around. It's important that you have a dedicated space. I had to purchase a small desk and chair from IKEA and set up a corner in my bedroom. I have a place within reach for my reference books, and any materials I need for my current project. Not only does this "nook" allow me privacy but I also don't have to get up every five minutes to find a document, my reference book, my phone or a pen. With a little bit of planning and organization you can create your own little "nook" or office area. Set it up for your comfort! I have candles, a radio, a bulletin board and a big window to look out.

To be continued…

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