Thursday, April 8, 2010

Freelance Switch Web Site

Today while searching for answers to questions I had regarding freelance writing, I found a wonderful site called I couldn't believe how much information and advice is packed into this site. There are no flashing web banners or side bars, nothing popping up telling me I could make a million dollars this year by becoming a freelancer. Instead, what I found was a clean crisp home page and easy navigation through the site and links. I had several questions I was trying to find answers to and after an easy search, quickly received answers and advice. The blog portion contained tons of helpful advice and ideas from how to be protected from copyright infringements to how to follow through with clients. One of my favorite elements is the pricing calculator. With this easy to use calculator I simply plugged in the numbers in the appropriate fields, clicked calculate and was given an amount that should be my hourly rate. This is also a listing of project tools, financial information and job boards. I registered right away! I couldn't believe that all the information I was looking for was in one place – easy to find, easy to navigate and easy to use! If you are a freelance writer, especially if you are just starting out visit this site http:

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