Monday, June 7, 2010

11 Ways to Find the Agent or Editor You Need

While browsing the web, trying to locate an agent who would love to represent my manuscript for a children's picture book, I came across this wonderful list. Right from the agents mouth – here are 11 Ways to Find the Agent or Editor You Need – courtesy of Michael Larsen and Elizabeth Pomada Literary Agents.  Guess I have more work to do!

1. Referrals
The best way to get an agent's attention is if the first two words the agent sees or hears are the name of a client, editor, agent, author, or bookseller who suggested you contact the agent. The more important the person, the more eager the agent will be to hear from you.
2. Your Networks
Writers and publishing people who can make suggestions

3. Writer's Organizations
Members are part of your networks.

4. The Association of Authors' Representatives (AAR)

5. Directories

Jeff Herman's Guide to Book Publishers, Editors, and Literary Agents 200X; 200X Guide to Literary Agents; 200X Guide to Literary Agents: A Writer's Guide by Adam Begley; Literary Market Place (LMP); The Writer's Handbook.

6. The Web
Google literary agents. Visit,,,,,

7. Literary events
Writing classes, readings, lectures, seminars, book signings, conferences

8. Magazines
Publishers Weekly, The Writer, Writer's Digest, and Poets & Writers

9. Publishers' catalogs and websites
Libraries receive catalogs.

10. Books
Dedications and acknowledgments in competing and complementary books.

11. Your Platform
Give talks, maintain a website, write a blog, do an ezine, post to related sites, do podcasts, get published online or off, publicize your work and yourself, build your email list. When your continuing national visibility is great enough, agents and editors will find you.

These ideas will help you find an editor if you decide to sell your book.

Adapted from How to Get a Literary Agent by Michael Larsen.

Michael Larsen-Elizabeth Pomada Literary Agents / Established 1972 / Members: AAR

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