Thursday, July 15, 2010

Writing Children’s Books

Summer is in full swing. I am busy collecting ideas for children's picture books. I keep a notebook handy so when these ideas pop into my head I can write it down. I have had so many ideas that I have forgotten!

I got this useful tip from a wonderful book I've been reading, "Writing Children's Books" by Lesley Bolton and Lea Wait. If you are working on any type of children's book, picture, easy reader, middle grade novel you need this book. I can't tell you how many tips and helpful advice I have used.

I read through the book one time, underlining important points I wanted to remember. Now, I am reading it again to refresh my knowledge. Several topics covered that I am finding useful are The Standards, Groups and Organization, Knowledge, Stay Up to Date, Notebook Your New Buddy and the  entire contents of Chapter 5 - Writing and Revision.

I strongly suggest that if you are new to writing or even a well versed writer, pick up a copy of this book. New writers there are great sections on how to submit your manuscript plus other resources on the internet as well as in print. Accomplished writers there are reminders on researching, organization, and writers block.

The best part – this book is not a 1,000 page tome. It's compact enough to fit in your purse but packed with a wealth of knowledge.

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