Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Writing Young Adult Fiction for Dummies is celebrating the release of "Writing Young Adult Fiction for Dummies" with a 7 day virtual book launch, from June 29th to July 5th.  Lots of FREEBIES:  First chapter critique, free downloads, book excerpts and a free full manuscript edit. 

I have been waiting to get my copy of this book ever since I learned about it at a SCBWI Intensive Revision Retreat - where I got to attend several classes led by the book's author Deborah HalversonDeborah is also the brains behind

"Writing Young Adult Fiction for Dummies" includes: tips for targeting an audience,  a chapter on self-marketing, techniques and exercises to shape plot, create teen-friendly characters, sidebars by 13 National Book Award winners and finalists, Newbery medalists and honorees, and other award-winning luminaries, self-editing tools,  insider tips for finding the right agent and/or editor, creating a stand-out submission package and much, much more.

I myself am looking for the tips on targeting an audience and self-editing tools.  I wonder if there is a chapter on how to write without using vampires or werewolves in the plot? 

I urge you to join  Deborah has wonderful and insightful blog postings.  You can also post your own questions to the editor!  Wow! 

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  1. hahaha @ without using vampires or werewolves. Sponsor stayed at home, but I might have still used her monies. unemployed for the summer. boo hoo.


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